Wedding Photography Ideas You Could Use for Your Celebration

wedding photo groom and bride kissing

One of the most exciting parts of any wedding is the prenuptial images. These are the same images that couples will most likely use in the wedding invitations and even in the reception. Although it seems complicated, it’s not hard science. The truth is that wedding photography is an art form more than anything else. There are so many things that you can do and interpret in each shot that it can even take a day to get the right one.  If you plan to have your wedding in a beautiful place like Aspen, you could hire a wedding planner whose facilities are near the area.

You need to choose only the best wedding photos for your invitation. Otherwise, you’ll make a private event feel out of style. But is there anything that you can do if you’re just naturally awkward in front of the camera? Fret no further. To help you come up with the best images, here are the most common trends that you can take inspiration from to make both of you look stunning in the photos:

True Love’s Kiss

What better way to show just how much you love each other than with an intimate kiss? The Influencive says that the groom can tenderly kiss his bride as if he isn’t in front of the camera. Enjoy the moment and relax so your wedding planner can direct the photographer to get the right shot. To create a more intimate shot, you can place the wedding veil over you and your partner to create an ensconced feeling in the pictures.

The Social Media Prop

You can also use various props to make wedding photos enjoyable. One of the most popular ones that couples choose is the typography prop. It’s a board that resembles the Instagram feed with a phrase written on it. Couples can either hang it and pose in the middle or hold it in place. You can be as creative as you want to make it fun. You can even create your catchy sentences or hashtags, too.

Using Shadows

wedding photographer with bride and groom

Another catchy pose uses your shadows to create a beautiful image. You can easily angle the lighting so that it shines through a thin accessory to create a shadow. Most people use an umbrella and make the couple hold it so their shadows will be visible through the umbrella panel. It’s an interesting shot that you’ll undoubtedly remember for several years.

Capture Candid Moments

Standing still shots can sometimes be dull and boring. So, why not add movement to create an interesting photo? Adding movement to an image is a fantastic idea, especially if you’re looking for candid photos. Although you are setting up the shot, Inside Weddings says that camera lenses can capture magical shots while you’re walking and talking with your partner.

These are just a few of the most trending poses that you can consider when doing a wedding photo shoot. Remember to relax and enjoy the day. Be as creative as you can with the poses so the photographer can get excellent shots. Make use of every moment to show just how much you love each other without needing words.

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